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The Nation Wired is the online edition of the official student newspaper of Hays High School. It is updated weekly for the school’s students, staff and community.

The Nation Wired is an open forum for student expression. The Nation Wired is not reviewed by school administration prior to publication, and the adviser will not act as a censor. Content represents the views of the student staff and not school officials.

The Nation Wired will work to avoid bias and/or favoritism. We will strive to make our coverage and content meaningful, timely and interesting to our readers. Our articles will reflect our genuine objective of reporting news and will be held to a high standard of quality.

We will make every effort to avoid publishing libel, obscenities, innuendo and material that threatens to disrupt the learning process or is an invasion of privacy. We will avoid electronic manipulation that alters the truth of a photograph.

Staff editorials represent the opinion of the editorial board arrived at by discussion and will not be bylined. Bylined articles are the opinion of the individual writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Nation Wired staff or administration as a whole.

The Nation Wired welcomes reader input. Please send any letters, articles, comments or corrections to [email protected]. Emails will require verification before publication. We will not necessarily publish all letters received and reserve the right to edit for length and clarity.

The Nation Wired does not necessarily endorse any products or services advertised.

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