Student artist showcase

Talent is a rare and beautiful thing. But it is so unfortunate that only certain talents get recognized in the school setting. Like sports or academics. I’m not discrediting those talents, those are amazing and huge feats, they are just more recognized than most. A lot of the creative talents go unrecognized such as singing, writing, coding, and of course, drawing. A few months ago I wrote about a lot of the creative writers at Hays but this time I am featuring four artists from this school. These artists are all amazing and nice people, who have created such beautiful pieces. Today is their day in the spotlight.

First up is Sean Bernard. They are a 17-year-old junior and has been drawing for about seven years. “I really like trying to make up made-up creatures and monsters, especially animal-like ones.” One of their biggest inspirations is @blackroz112 over on Instagram. “I guess my style of art would be considered ‘furry’ maybe? I like semi- cartoonish styles.” They mainly draw animals, memes and fan art. It is all really unique and so beautiful. Their biggest bit of advice is don’t be so focused on your art supplies as much as you are on art. While yes nicer supplies are better, they are not important, “Crayola has pretty good colored pencils.” You can find them over on Instagram @silver__lion, @katsue-p on, and @meowrails on 

Our next artist is Sidney Jenkins. She is a 17-year-old senior who has been drawing since she was in the fourth grade. She is inspired by different comics, movies and movies she enjoys which really reflects in her art. She draws mainly people with hyper vibrant colors and extreme detail.

“I like cartoon/ anime styles & hyperrealism.” Her biggest bit of advice is “if you want to get better at art, you just have to keep drawing and practicing. Even if you feel like it really super sucks.” She has requested that I do not plug any of her socials, but definitely keep an eye out for her work, you won’t regret it. 

Next up on the chopping block- er I mean, spotlight is Isis Fernandez.  She is a 16-year-old junior who has been drawing seriously since she was nine. And it shows because her art is masterful.

“I get a lot of inspiration from music, other artists and of course, just scrolling through social media. I do get funny ideas from a lot of memes, trends, and looking at what’s fluttering around in the trending pages in art communities,” she said.

One of her favorite artists is Mr. Doodle because he reminds everyone to have fun and enjoy drawing. “I love drawing western, anime chibi, and even my own clash of the two. It helps bring more to life in a weird way.” She also has some advice for all inspiring artists, but I think it should go for everyone, “Don’t overthink because in the end you won’t be happy with your product. Just let your brain let loose and let your hand and your imagination do the work. Just enjoy the process, don’t stress about the end.” Can you find her on Instagram, @Djpanda567. She does commission work and accepts commissions, but all that information can be found on her Instagram. 

And finally we have Vaughn Davis, a 16-year-old junior. He’s been drawing since he was around five or six, and has never stopped. His says his main inspirations are Brian Lee O’Malley (creator of the Scott Pilgrim series), Andrew Hussie (creator of Homestuck), and many other artists he finds online.

“They’ve basically shown me “hey, it’s possible to create something unique to you.”

His style of art is cartoony, with detail and excellent character design. His advice to new artists out there is, “I know it’s cliche as all heck but practice. Copy art, trace art, learn what works for you. Take all that knowledge and form your own style. It’s not going to come suddenly. Heck it took me nearly nine years to develop a style I can constantly draw. You got this. Don’t give up.”

If you want to find him and his art he is over @g3minimoon on Instagram. He is currently working on a Homestuck inspired comic series called “Station Select” and it looks very sick. I recommend you check out him and all these artists. 


Art is subjective, art is everything. If you strive to be a great artist, that’s awesome. You’re already there, just gotta keep practicing. Your art may start out looking as if Shrek threw up all over the floor, like mine, but with enough practice it can look like Shrek is his nice, shiny armor. You just can’t give up. It’s okay, I believe in you. And all of these artists do too. Wow that was cheesy, I blame quarantine even though I write this before quarantine.