When dining in is out

Social distance rules shut down dining rooms


Joseph Castillo, Reporter, photographer

Many fast food places are open but not for dine-in. For example Whataburger, Jack in the Box, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and all the other fast food places you can name- all have had to close their dining area because of social distance rules.

As social distancing and lockdowns ripple throughout the business in an attempt to battle COVID-19, some eating places won’t be in a position to cope with the lack of earnings and would possibly tip into bankruptcy.
Some will possibly by no means reopen again. Many restaurants will remain open for as long as it is safe to do so.

“No more school, plus we get to do more with no one coming to McDonald’s. Simple money for me and my car,” said Felix Contreras, 11.
The change to curbside or delivery only has effected students working in fast food.
While drivers for apps such as Favor, Uber Eats and Grub Hub continue to offer the opportunity to order, cooks and counter workers are finding their job is reduced to handing off a meal.

“Simple work for me since no one comes and buys fast food anymore, so I just relax and watch Anime in the back while getting paid but I also miss school,” said Edwin De La Rosa Sanchez, 11.

Drive-thrus still have bathrooms and handwashing facilities that will remain open wherever possible, but seating areas and children’s play areas are closed.

“Usually there no customers at Panda (Express), but there can be a few customers in the afternoon. Overall it’s been very simple these past weeks,” Jaden Ramos, 11, said.

Restaurants are also working to sanitize and keep employees healthy
For the unforeseeable future fast food will be contact-free, with no physical contact between customers, employees and couriers wherever possible.