The cure to Quarantine Boredom: Netflix


Charlotte O'Dell, Student Life Editor

  • Give it up for day 15 of quarantine. Or is it 16? We’ve all lost count. What is there possibly to do besides school work? I myself have watched about a billion movies on Netflix to watch on the dreary, dark, and rainy days of self-quarantine.

The Platform

The Platform is a Sci-fi/Thriller that was ranked the #3 watched movie on Netflix last week so of course I had to watch it. The Platform is a vertical prison with one cell per level with two occupants in each cell. The so called “platform” is basically this huge table of food fit for a king that levitates downwards and let’s the inmates feast for about 2 minutes. The prisoners at the top floor get the first serve. If you’re at a level below 50, you might as well eat the plates, because there won’t be even a crumb of food left for a rat. Each month you get a new “level” to live on, and you may or may not be with the same cell mate. This leads to obvious problems and terror not being able to eat for days, so this leads to the unthinkable. This movie was impossible to look away from and really makes you question actual prison life, and the inequalities of class divisions.


2012 refers to the philosophy that the world was going to end that year. This movie takes on a divorced writer who sees the world ending before his eyes. In this Sci-fi/Action movie, the main character Jackson Curtis, tries to lead his family into safety, to escape the terrors of mother nature. Jackson gathers clues on how to escape from a deranged scientist they met in Yosemite park and use his tools and findings to track which country they need to escape to next. With the help of his children’s step dad, who happens to be a pilot, they travel through various way to reach government safety. Jackson finds himself in many dangerous positions, and it is up to him to save thousands of lives. This movie although a little cheesy, is very interesting and about 2 hours to take some boredom out of the day.

The Trial of Gabriel Fernandez

Although this is not a movie but a mini-series, The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez are haunting but riveting. In this documentary mini series, Netflix goes into depth about the brutal child abuse that led to the death of 8 year old Gabriel Fernandez, and how he was let down by the system when he needed them the most. Viewer discretion is highly advised due to the graphic picture and video evidence. The story covers the eight month period that led to Gabriel’s death from living with his mother Pearl Fernandez and her boyfriend Isuaro Aguirre. Gabriel had two other older siblings of young age in the house who were never abused and the accused motive was Pearl’s boyfriend thought Gabriel was a homosexual at just the age of 8.
The evidence and finding of Gabriel’s abuse shows a severe failure to CPS workers involved and first respondents. This documentary series is chilling but extremely interesting, but do not watch this if it would trigger you in anyway.