Coronavirus diaries

One staffer’s view from home


Joseph Castillo, reporter, photographer

Hello I’m going to talk about how is going with this lockdown we are having and how is it going for me throughout these past days at home or at work.

It is going very well. It hasn’t been bad as I thought it will be but if I’m not at work I’ve been working a lot since there isn’t anything much to do. But when there is no work at all I usually clean the house. I do stuff that will normally help me out and if teachers even send me school work I will most likely do it.

I started reading books more often or maybe just going out with some friends, for example, to get food from a place and just eat outside the place.

Playing games, doing something productive outside like playing soccer, taking a run and many other things weren’t as bad as I thought it would be.

We still could do some stuff, but most of the people lost their job. But other than that I stay positive throughout anything I help people out of they ever need food because where I work I can take food if they want food, so I usually take food and help the homeless or just if any of my friends are hungry I will bring them food & will hang out with them.