School at home

Coronavirus diaries

Morgan Anderson, Writer

To say the least, this year has been like no other. Our worlds have been completely turned upside down in a matter of weeks. Going into spring break, I had no idea that I would not be going back to school. Even when I thought that we might work from home, I looked at it as an opportunity to go out and have fun since school was going to be different. Little did I know I would be stuck in my house for weeks, so bored that I actually looked forward to getting work done. 

How is switching online going to change things for us when it comes to school? For me, a very non-tech-savvy person, it has been a time of growth in my knowledge of how to communicate online. I have only been talking to my teachers on Zoom, an app where the class can get together and have discussions. This is something I thought I would have hated before, but now it is one of the best parts of my day. I know that this might just be because I miss my friends, but I found that this has been a very effective way to be taught. Of course, it’s nothing compared to being inside a classroom, but I still have interaction with my classmates. Throughout this time, I have been given the responsibility to create my own schedule and manage my time in ways that work for me. I have loved taking this responsibility, but I know that this is something that has held some students back during this time. The fact of the matter is that the effects of this change are going to be different for everyone. Some students are going to thrive in this environment, and some students are going to go crazy knowing that we probably won’t get to go back to school. Either way, we have to learn how to adapt. 

So is this the future? If you think about it, technology could allow school to be online at some point. Who knows where society will be in 50 to 100 years? I don’t think that school will be like this any time soon, but we could be experiencing something that will be a norm for generations to come! 

I know that we are not in the most ideal situation, but choosing to look at the positives are the things that are going to help us grow during this time. Let’s take this time to rest and get the things done that we have been too busy to do for so long. I know that this is a hard season of our lives, especially to the seniors that are missing out on a lot of experiences, but let’s try to make the most of it!