Home stuck? Maybe it’s time for Homestuck

Home stuck? Maybe it’s time for Homestuck

Homestuck by Andre Hussie, WhatPumpkin?, and Viz Media

Carlos E. Sanchez, Entertainment editor

If you are anything like me, you are going crazy out of your mind with pure boredom. There is like only so much social media you can handle before you feel sicker than Ted Cruz during his self quarantine. Video games are fun but after a while, you get bored of that as well. Well fear not, dear readers, because I will be updating and writing stories about things you can use to distract yourself from this hell scape we call reality. So the subject for today is a webcomic series by a man named Andrew Hussie titled, Homestuck. Homestuck started in 2009 and officially ended in 2016. There was a point of time where it took over the internet and it was all the rage with the high schoolers a few years before us. But now it has seen a rapid revival in popularity among not just Hays but also among the entire internet.

But first, what even is Homestuck? As I said, it is a webcomic with over eight thousand panels. It tells the story of John Egbert and his three friends as they play a video game that leads to the end of the world. There is not much more I can say without spoiling the story, but it is so good. You get hooked in with the ironic humor and you stay because of how attached you are to the characters/ story. It is one of the best fantasy stories ever written and that is all thanks to the amazing writing and amazing humor. Most stories outline their character development and plot lines. Homestuck takes a different approach to this, they write as they go along. They have the story planned, or at least they know how they want to take it, but they also take advice/ ideas from fan creations. Because of this, the characters feel like real people, not just someone form some story. You start with John, a goofy and childish boy, and you get to see him grow up naturally. Like a real person would.

The story planning is also just out of this world, it is so good. Everything leads back, everything connects. From John’s room all the way to the credits, it is a beautifully told story. Like for example, lets use Gamzee Makara. On the surface he looks like just a haha 420 joke, but his story is much deeper and thats all I can say without spoiling anything. Another example is Vriska Sekret, she is the most controversial character among the fan base, because she is a hero but she is a terrible person. And her story (once again) is beautifully crafted. I could go on and on about many different characters and plot lines, but I’ll let you experience them for yourself.

Homestuck is a story told through pictures, dialogue, narration, video, and even flash games. There is really no other way to truly experience the series (I mean they do sell books but they aren’t even halfway done yet with Homestuck and they aren’t free). It is such an amazing series and the best part is that its not over. You have the Meat and Candy epilogues along with Homestuck^2, which is still going on. While no, they aren’t as perfect or amazing as Homestuck, but it is still a lot of fun and really good. Oh yeah, it is also free to experience. Just go to www.homestuck.com to start your journey. I wish you the best of luck if you choose to go down this path of sadness and irony. You’re going to need it.