Spring break plans hit by coronavirus fears

Andrea Delgado, reporter, photographer

Spring break is coming up, and that means people will be off to vacation. Social media feeds should be filled with pictures of late-night camping trips and exotic destinations, but our time off is being interrupted by a big issue: the coronavirus. The coronavirus is no longer just an issue in Asia, but a worldwide panic. People are wearing masks, delaying school and going untreated. This has forced people in all places to cancel their vacation plans and take extra measures to be hygienic.  

The coronavirus is a disease that typically affects the respiratory tracts of mammals, including humans. Having the virus will show symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose or other common cold symptoms. Although there is no cure at the moment, the University of Texas and other labs are working on finding one. People that are young, over the age of 65 or pregnant are the most susceptible.

People traveling during spring break to places where the virus is predominant have had to cancel their plans. This student is going to Ireland where the coronavirus has been found and school trips, including the Europe trip for Hays this summer, might be canceled. EF Tours, a travel company, will most likely reroute those going on the trips. 

Even those staying home for break are at risk. The coronavirus has recently been found in San Antonio and Austin. Those who have gotten tickets to South by Southwest or Jmblya might have issues. Sponsors such as Facebook and Samsung have completely pulled out of paying for South by Southwest while Spotify, Fader Fort, Bud Light and others have scaled back on how much they are sponsoring.

In the end, this outbreak is affecting people’s vacations, concerts, and even just going to the mall. Until the virus has settled, many vacations are delayed or completely canceled. Some people will be out of the money they spent on their trips, but traveling would not be worth contracting the awful disease.