Is the The Pearl really haunted?


Martin Pallares

The Pearl hotel is reportedly. haunted.

Martin Pallares, reporter, photographer

The Pearl Hotel in Austin is thought to be one of the most well known haunted places in Texas.

The first official documentation of a family that actually has had taken up residence in the home was in 1914 by then District Judge Charles A. Wilcox and his family. They lived in the house until he, unfortunately, died in 1917. There have been some reports of a sobbing woman, a rocking chair and some people have also claimed they seen a person-like figure inside the house.

The owner Jill Bickford did not know that the house was haunted until one day a plumber that was working on the house told Jill if she knew that she had spirits in the house. 

Jill was surprised because he has never witnessed any paranormal activity in the household. The plumber continues to tell Jill about an encounter that he experiences with the spirit. He tells Jill that he saw a lady with two newborns that looked alike in her arms. The woman walks out of a room right passed him into the hallway then took a seat in a chair and started rocking back and forth. Throughout the whole experience he never felt threatened by the spirit in fact the plumber said he felt a friendly a presence.

Later on Jill asks her mother who is a history teacher if she could explore the history of the house. Jill’s mother later found out that the Wilcox family actually lost a son at only four days after he was born. Some of guests that have stayed the night in this place couldn’t sleep at night because they kept hearing footsteps of people walking up and down the stairs.

If you’re ever in Austin make sure to check this place out. It’s located just by the Capital and The University of Texas.