Dissecting sea stars in Aquatic Science

Aquatic Science is all about the animals and plants underwater. But you don’t only learn about this in books, students get to dissect various sea creatures. This week, the students got the chance to dissect a sea star. They were able to learn about how a sea star functions and how it looks from the inside. Here are some students that are in aquatic science that were able to participate in this dissection. Aliya Ibarra, 12, said, “It was gross but also very interesting.”


Ceylana Hernan, 12: “I thought the starfish felt disgusting and I learned that each leg has an organ.”

Jonathan Elizalde, 12: “I cut the starfish and it was cool.”

Austin Smith, 12: “I got to learn how something I don’t see everyday operates.”

Gavin Ross Salinas, 12: “I enjoyed cutting open a sea star.”