Sonic the Hedgehog: the movie: the review


Paramount studios and SEGA

Carlos E. Sanchez, Entertainment Editor, writer

When this movie was originally revealed, it became the laughing stock of the entire internet. And when I say the entire internet, I mean the entire internet. Even people who have no idea what a Sonic is made fun of it. While the movie itself looked fine, Sonic himself looked as if you combined a minion, a smurf, and a mutant sewer rat. But alas this publicity stunt worked and they promised to postpone this movie until a later date. To not only fix Sonic’s hideous design but to fix the movie as well. The original trailer is a beauty to behold, mainly because of how hilariously bad it is. The movie was then postponed to the day of love, February 14th, Valentine’s day.

Now, this review is major spoiler-free. But if you want to go in blind, why did you click on this article? If there are minor spoilers along the way, I’m not really sorry.

For context, I’ve been excited about this movie since it was announced. but it was strictly for ironic reasons. My friends and I have been planning on going to this movie together for over a year. When they unveiled the redesign with the second trailer, it actually started to look like a good movie. Which was odd but we were already committed, even more so because it was on Valentine’s day. After vigorous planning, we went to the movie and had an amazing time. Is my judgment of the movie clouded by irony and being there with my friends? Yes, yes it is.

The movie is surprisingly one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is beautiful. Sonic’s design is crisp and actually looks like Sonic! While the story itself is basic, they make up for it with phenomenal acting, amazing humor, and Jim Carrey. Actually, all of the actors are amazing. While yes, Carrey is the best (who would have guessed) all the others are so good. Especially Tom’s sister and Sonic himself. The story is basically “OH NO! The government is after Sonic. With the help of his new friend Tom, the two of them have to take down the evil Dr. Robotnik and recover his magical rings.” The movie’s humor is so good, it is so self-aware yet not obnoxious. It is just a perfect storm of a movie. And while I won’t spoil the end credit scenes, but I’ve never seen a theater so hype for a reveal of that caliber. And I’ve seen almost every Marvel movie in theaters. It was never that big of a reaction, even when Thanos was revealed. And then the song at the end, it was just so perfect. A group of very talented rap artist made a rap song for Sonic, and it is just so good.

Sonic and Detective Pikachu have officially broken the curse of video game movies being terrible. Now, this trend rests on Illumination and Mario, to see if they could stay up to par with these two terrific movies. With the hints to a sequel movie, this will not be the last time we see Sonic on the silver screen. And I can not wait to see the blue blur again.