The 1975 celebrates love with “Me & You Together Song” 

Screencap from The 1975’s new music video, “Me And You Together Song”

It’s no secret that we at The Nation Wired love The 1975. So, we’ve decided to write yet another article breaking down their latest single.

The 1975 has produced endless bops that you might recognize, such as Somebody Else, UGH!, Love Me and Chocolate. But last month, the alt-pop band released a new song that brings us back to the early 2000s vibe they carried in their earlier music–before The 1975.

“Drive Like I Do” was the boy band’s original name. They made music more influenced by pop-rock at the time. They ditched that music style when they became The 1975, but returned it this January for their latest single, titled, “Me & You Together Song”.

The meaning of the newly released song is fairly straightforward. It’s about loving someone for a long time, and having that love be built on an already established friendship. The simplistic yet meaningful lyric “I’ve been in love with her for ages,” perfectly expresses the feeling of friendship-turned-love.

On February 6, The 1975 released the much-anticipated music video for Me & You Together Song–which was directed by Bedroom. Now you might’ve heard of the name before, Bedroom has directed countless, if not all, of alt-rock artist Beabadoobee’s music videos. His visuals can be easily recognized through his colorful, dreamy, indie-cartoon-like videography, bringing the viewers a great sense of nostalgia. He was the obvious choice when it came to finding a director for this nostalgia-infused music video.

The Me & You Together music video follows a few teenage couples from room to room, seemingly enjoying the feeling of being in love, as it shows the viewers’ clips of the pairs “falling in love” with one another. The lead singer even posted a secret photograph that he took on his Instagram, featuring one of the “couples” flirting with one another behind the scenes. He captioned it, “Ok these two genuinely fell for each other whilst making the video and it was mad cute!!!!”. The video is edited to look like it was taken straight out of 1999. The grainy film, bright colors, and popular 90’s/early 2000’s fashion statements really emphasize the nostalgia and bring the music video to another level.

Originally the release date for their new album was scheduled for February 21, but Healy pushed back the arrival of ‘Notes On A conditional Form’ to April 24, 2020, after dealing with some complications with tour and finishing the recordings. The 1975 stans all around the world excitedly wait for the new music, expecting heartfelt songs, sad bops, and “woke-pop bangers”. — music video