Student Animator Pays Tribute


Student artists uses his animations to pay tribute to late artist.

'Day in the Life of Darius Miller'

Dacota Robertson, writer

Sophomore Darius Miller is what people call an animator. He makes videos and draws. He makes these things in tribute to his favorite animator Edd Gould. Miller has had a lot of experience and has been making these drawings and animations since he was in the first grade.

Student artist pays tribute to late artist with his own creations.

“I’ve been doing it since I was in the first grade,” Miller said.

Some might say he’s very inspirational because he started making these videos after his favorite animation artist Edd Gould, a British animator of the animation called Eddsworld died of leukemia in 2012. He started making these animations because he wanted to make his own stuff that was kind of a tribute to the animations of Eddsworld and his favorite animator.

“I started making these because there was this cartoon I used to watch called Eddsworld on Youtube and the creator of it had died from leukemia, so I wanted to make my own stuff as a tribute to him,” Miller said.

And it takes a lot of patience to make these videos. For Darius, it takes about six months for a whole animation video to be completed and ready to be put on his Youtube channel for his 210 subscribers to watch. His videos are usually between 2-5 minutes long.

Miller’s art is unique.

Although he doesn’t have a lot of videos on his youtube channel he does make a lot. Although it is just a hobby right now in the future Miller would like to do things like this but he says he would not like to do a TV series or anything because he wouldn’t “feel right with handing off his work to someone else because it would no longer be his work.” Instead he says he would rather create independently for profit.

“I wouldn’t wanna do a TV series because I wouldn’t feel right handing off my work to someone else because I wouldn’t own it. I’d want to make my own stuff somehow and make money off of that in the future,” Miller said.

Aside from making his characters into videos, Darius also paints them onto canvas shoes that you can often find him wearing to class. His animating work is done at home with the help of some key tech equipment.

“I use adobe flash CS 6 for the program and I use a graphics tablet and hook it up to my computer and get a stylus and draw with it,” Miller said. (see video)

He uses these objects to draw his animations and just to draw in general. He also just recently started making a new video last month that he hopes will end up on his youtube channel. You can find his videos on a youtube channel called AnimationCrave. He has a couple of videos up already and there are more coming soon.