Lehman vs Hays

Boys Varsity Soccer

Alejandro Martinez Jr., Legacy Photo editor

Last week Hays boys varsity soccer went against district champs Lehman Lobos in an intense rivalry battle between the two high schools in the Hays CISD District.

Hays Rebels started rough, getting scored on by the Lobos starting forward leading up to a game that would be mainly held at the Rebel’s side of the field. The first half the Hays Rebels scored on Lehman’s goalie.

When the buzzer rang ending the first half of the game the Rebels were able to assess their flaws in their strategy and their line-up on the field. When the first half had just begun the Hays Rebels were able to score once more bringing the score to a one-point lead for the Rebs.

In the midst of the heat and referees not calling obvious fouls on both sides, one team member stood out from the rest and called the referee on his ridiculous calls.

Parker Diers, 11, called on the ref after not calling a foul on him and confronted him leading him to receive the first yellow card of the game.

In the last few minutes the Lehman Lobos got a penalty kick to bring the score to a tie 2-2.

Although neither team left with a win the Rebels proved their worth tying with last year’s District Champions and giving them a fight they won’t forget.