Snow in Texas


Mariann Parga and Janneke Waenink

Wednesday, February the 5th, brought snow to Central Texas for the first time in two years.

The unusual wintry dusting had everyone excited, but the next morning many were late to their jobs and school because of the frozen windshields and ice on the roads.

Faith Duran, 12, posted a picture of snow laying on the grass the morning after.

“I was really excited and thrilled to see the snow. We really don’t get that very often here in Texas. The last time was two years ago,” Duran said.

There were many other students that posted the phenomenon on social media.

Autumn Sparks, 11, said, “It was pretty crazy because it’s already February and out of the blue it starts snowing while it was still 75 degrees the day before.”

More northern parts of the state saw much more extreme ice and sleet. Here in Buda/Kyle area the extreme cold front quickly swung back to the 60s.