Bendy gets a new spin off game, Boris and the Dark Survival

Bendy gets a new spin off game, Boris and the Dark Survival

Kindly Beast games

Carlos E. Sanchez, entertainment reporter

Last time I wrote about this series of games, it became the second biggest story on this site. It’s clear that the readers here are interested and I’m willing to provide. In case you don’t know, Bendy and the Ink Machine is a game about a creepy cartoon studio that you, the player, used to work at. You uncover the mysteries of the studios and defeat the ink demon, a beloved old cartoon character, Bendy. This mysterious horror game became an instant hit online, back when it started as just chapter one. The story takes many dark and crazy twists along the way, and it is beautifully done. The game is made by normal people like you and me, not some big company or rich people. It started with just two friends, and now they have made a small studio for their games, known as Kindly Beast. After the Bendy mobile game and Chapter five of the main game ended, it seemed as if the series came to an end.

But of course, you’re reading this which means it didn’t. A few months after chapter five, a teaser for the next game, Bendy and the Dark Revival, a direct sequel to be released in 2020. They would drop subtle hints and what not, but then February fifth, they announced something odd. Boris and the Dark Survival, a randomly generated dungeon crawler (meaning that it is a game where you explore an expansive dungeon and complete tasks along the way) staring everyone’s favorite pre brute, Boris the wolf. The game features new information regarding the lore, new puzzles, and a style of gameplay we have not seen in the series yet. The game releases on February tenth on Steam, Google play, game jolt, and (IOS coming later) for just one dollar. Since this game is randomly generated, each time you play will be a different experience.

This is all just build up for Bendy and the Dark Revival. From what we have seen of it, the Dark Revival will be the biggest and best game yet. But Boris and the Dark Survival will be a great time, and for an amazing price.