Tiptoe through the tulips

New flower farm worth the drive


Ezra Matthews

New flower farm near La Vernia

Ezra Matthews, writer, photographer


If you’re looking for something novel to do and don’t mind a drive, go to Texas Tulips in Lavernia, near San Antonio.

Pick your own

Choose your tulips and have them wrapped to-go

My girlfriend and I recently took a little trip down to Texas Tulips– and it is a big deal if you like flowers.

It’s basically a huge field that is just jam-packed with tulips. When we pulled up, to the very clean narrow driveway and people directed us on where to park. Since it’s so narrow cars can either come in or go out but not at the same time.

We got there at about 4 pm, and it looked like over half the field was picked clean already. When we got everything situated and we parked we started heading toward the field and stood in a short line to pay $5 per person to get it in.

Once we were in, the first thing my girlfriend Summer noticed was that the people keeping the tulips were tourists. Many had accents that sounded Danish or German, and they were very polite while they were keeping up the service, even with the people that really had no care about the field as they stepped all over the tulips.

Baskets are part of the price so you can pick the field for tulips. Each tulip was $2.50, and they had bouquet wrapping station for when you’ve picked all the unique tulips you like.

Summer and I walked up and down the aisles stacked with flowers, while employees would close off

Tulip time

Ezra Matthews, 12, recommends the new Texas Tulips near La Vernia

rows and work to maintain the tulips.

Texas Tulips includes beautiful scenery with a perfect spring feel. Every which way you turn there’s a photo opportunity. It’s also very romantic so if you’re trying to impress a certain someone this would be a definite place to do it.

After we went up and down the aisles, chose the tulips that spoke to us, and took any cute photos w

e could we went to get the bouquet wrapped. There were two stations for it with about 3-4 people working them each, when you go up they ask you to choose the color paper you want it wrapped in, personally I think pink or purple is the way to go.

This method of flower picking is actually cheaper than ordering or buying a bouquet from a florist, and you get the satisfaction of putting it together yourself. As Summer and I left we took a last look around and went to get a picture by the big Texas Tulips banner they have out there.

To me this place is amazing. You can spend a lot of time out there if you bring the right person(s) and you make a day of it and some time in nearby San Antonio. They also have another location in Dallas that may be bigger, but for me, the San Antonio location was more convenient.

I had a lot of fun out there with my girlfriend, and I know I’m not the only person that enjoys the place because everyone that was there was super smiley getting to look at the differentiating colors.

Texas Tulips is open until the end of this month into March, depending on the blooms and weather permitting. They stay open until 6 pm. Check out their webiste here: Texas Tulips

Their Dallas field opens in about two weeks.