Pokemon news galore 2: The electric boogalo

Carlos Sanchez, entertainment reporter

On November 15, 2018Pokemon released the next generations of Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. It was among a top controversy, but at the end of the day, the majority of the population can agree that these were amazing games. They were the first games in the series to go open world and cut Pokemon from the game. I would have written a review for it but due to some of my other projects, it was too late by the time I was done. But to sum up my thoughts, the games were a ton of fun and kinda disappointing. But today, January 9, Pokemon decided to reveal some of their up coming projects. This time around they have two to talk about, and both are very pleasing to fans all around.

Their first revealed a remake to the original Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Titled, “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX.” It is set to release in March and has many fans ecstatic. The demo is available now for free. But then you have the big reveal. Enter the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansions pass. Two new content packs have been revealed. The Isle of Armor (summer 2020) and The Crown Tundra (fall 2020). The pass for both is $30 and they look beautiful.

Both packs introduce a brand new wild area (a large open world section of the game that contains Max Raid Battles, different Pokemon spawns, and a lot more), brand new Pokemon, returning Pokemon, new Pokemon forms, new clothing/ cosmetic options, and much more. Old, new and reformed legendary Pokemon are also being introduced. In fact, every single legendary is returning to Pokemon Sword and Shield. Both content packs have their own themes, landscapes, and of course, Pokemon. According to Game Freak, this expansion adds over two hundred Pokemon to the game. Fans are pissed we have to pay for fixes like this, but to me and everyone with common sense, it is worth it.

Pokemon is still the number one multi-media franchise of all time, and it shows. No other company is able to sell like Pokemon. It is no doubt that these will sell extremely well, they are not only appealing to fans but to everyone. And as a huge Pokemon fan, I cannot wait to see what comes next.