Netflix mini series review

3-part series causes social media uproar

Charlotte Odell, Student Life Editor

Last December Netflix released an original movie called “Don’t F*** With Cats.” Immediately the title struck me as interesting, but I was also very lazy and just let it sit in “My List” on Netflix. It wasn’t until I saw references to the show being posted on the social media app Tik Tok that I began to watch it. I sat in my room for a good three hours watching the three-part documentary series. Not only was it bone-chilling, but also extremely fascinating.

To summarize the show without too much detail:

The Netflix documentary that you can’t watch.

in 2010 a disturbing video was posted onto YouTube of a young man abusing kittens in absurd ways. The video was sent out to multiple people of FaceBook, and let’s just say they were not thrilled about the video.

A particular woman named Deanna Thompson and a man named John Green joined a FaceBook group to help others in catching this awful cat killer.

Along the way, this FaceBook chat became obsessed with their culprit and these internet sleuths did everything and anything they thought necessary to punish this person and stop more of his videos from being posted.

The series has stirred criticism because of the graphic use of grisly footage, and it should be noted that it earned an MA on Netflix’s new rating system.

I would 100% rate this Netflix original an 8/10, because it is an extremely interesting subject over internet serial killers, and it goes into the depth about how deep the internet really can go. It also uses Thompson and Green as narrators to the show as they were the main administrators in finding the internet killer. This title, however, is somewhat graphic, and if you’re sensitive to animal harm I would not advise watching this.