Friday the 13th


Kat Tijerina and Maddie Fouchek

Friday the 13th, a day for superstitions and keeping good luck.

On the last Friday the 13th of the decade we asked a few students is Josh Aming’s 3rd period algebra class how they feel about this reputed unlucky day:

Heaven Baeza, 11- “I feel like I don’t worry about it.” 

Christian Jakubauskas, 11- “I feel that Friday the 13th does not hold as much superstition as Halloween does. Most of the hype is based on the Friday the 13th movies.”
Yuliza Rodriguez, 11- “I honestly think that there is nothing special about Friday the 13th but I do believe that spooky things can happen any day, anywhere , at any moment.”
Ashlea Janukowicz, 11- “It feels different than most days.”
Paige Nicholas, 11- “It feels like a normal day except for when Friday the 13th falls on the Friday in October.”
Ryan DeCesare, 10- “Friday the 13th is a day that a large group of people find unlucky.”
Cristian Gonzales, 11- “Feels like a day you should do or watch something spooky. Not that different from most days, but it’s cool.”
Mersades Harper, 11- “It feels the same like most days but itś a good night to watch scary movies.”