The end of the decade

Paris Foster, writer

Current date: OCTOBER, 28, the YEAR 2019.

The decade is waning, however, the time reflects the achievement of the years, just as the moon reflects the ambiance of the sun.  We’ve been through crescent like times, where the world has been a mere shadow of its full potential, where the world is dark and daunting; And we’ve also been through times denoting fullness and re emergence from a dark shape. This decade has been the most intelligent, tumultuous, progressive, and unforgiving sidereal period we have ever faced.

Enough with the silly moon talk. I’ll now proceed to give my favorite moments of the decade.

  1. The release of LMFAO’s “Sorry For Party Rocking” album is the greatest moment in our modern decade. The 2011 sophomore album took the world by storm with hits such as “Party Rock Anthem” and “Sexy and I Know it.” I remember listening to these two songs and knowing my life will forever be changed. The sheer energy and power of the duo took over my body and my mind, was incredible.
  2. In 2012, the world, according to the Mayan Calendar, was destined for destruction. Thankfully, this didn’t happen, so that was a pretty monumental moment, or absence of a moment. And even better yet, a really horrible movie came out the year of, depicting what the cataclysmic destruction would’ve been like, if it did indeed happen, the movie was aptly named 2012 and has a 39 percent on rotten tomatoes.
  3. The third greatest moment in our decade- the legalization of gay marriage and marijuana. This one needs no introduction.

So, there’s the 3 greatest moments of our decade.

They may sound silly, but they are an incredible depiction of our modern society, let me tell you why.

The release of the Party Rock Anthem symbolizes all of the blasphemous and off the wall things that have been made common to society. On the news you’ll hear things so unbelievable, like a 900 year old church burning down out of nowhere, or this guy getting internet famous for squeezing lemon juice in his eyes, or Prince dying. LMFAO simply envelopes all of the whimsical things that are considered common place now.

Secondly, the 2012 not so scary scare resembles the real life conflict that is present within this decade, and moreover, the 2012 movie resembles the way the world dismisses the severity. Conflicts such as social injustice, environmental issues, genocide/war, etc. These are the issues I’m talking about. Additionally, these conflicts are more and more dismissed because of the straight up increase of selfishness.

Thirdly, the gay marriage and weed legalization metaphor. These are pretty clear. They resemble how despite conflict in our society, we’re still achieving incredible things day in and out. Gay swag 420.


All in all, my takeaway is that this decade is so cool because it has everything. Every moment in history is still present in today’s society, and that’s why it is so rich and controversial. The End.