“Glowing” season comes in all colors


Blue pumpkins and teal pumpkins symbolize different needs for trick-or-treaters

Ava Parra , reporter, photographer

At Halloween we often find children dressed as spooky ghosts, or scary skeletons. Some adults go out and buy all types of candy, ranging from ‘Old People’ candy, to candy that will make you bounce off the walls. But this spooky smog filled season isn’t just a ‘Copy Paste’ every year, some things change, people grow up and don’t think of the holiday as much and some pumpkins don’t stay orange.

Blue and teal pumpkins are pumpkins that mean something new.

Be on the look out for blue pumpkins– meaning not just candy, but also sensory-friendly surroundings and just plain-old toy goodies for kids, like, bubbles, and crayons for the little kids.

And once again, teal pumpkins are a symbol of gluten-free or otherwise allergy friendly homes for treats.