Hays vs Johnson


Maddie Krafka

The new rivals beat Hays 52 – 0

Gabe Garcia, reporter

There is a new so-called battle between Hays HS and the new Johnson HS.

Last week’s game started the new found rivalry, starting with Hays cheerleaders drawing an ‘H’ at Johnson HS, and Thursday morning saw a banner in the Hays hallway declaring this as “Jaguar territory.”

While some may find it silly that the two sides are at odds, some are excited to see if they can prove they’re ready to play their heart out.

Johnson player Jaden Gonzales said, “It makes me feel really excited that I’m able to come out and play against my old teammates and show them that they’re missing out on a victory.”

One Hays junior — who asked to remain nameless– said he thinks Johnson believes it is a better school “but they don’t realize that they were given that school based on the area they are living at and that they have no upperclassmen telling them right from wrong.”

Update: On Thursday night the Rebel JV Blue team went against the Jaguars and lost 52 to 0. And while the Hays Rebels lost after all the hype, the Hays players are ready for their senior year so their varsity can go against each other and are ready for round two.

Some players said even though they lost they still have respect for their old teammates and are going to be brothers for ever and nothing can change that.

Dylan Stewart, 10, said, “I think all rilvaries are fun and should be taken lightly. I think both sides have taken it to heart and should’nt have, but I also think Johnson needs to stop talking down on how bad of a school Hays is.”