Mario Kart Tour has taken over

Mario Kart Tour title screen


Mario Kart Tour title screen

Carlos Sanchez, entertainment editor

Have phrases like “Do you have Mario Kart?”, “I GOT YOSHI!”, and others been plaguing your conversations? Do you stare up at the celling thinking about that blue shell that cost you first place? Have you always wanted to play a game like this, anywhere? Nintendo has the game for you.

Mario Kart Tour is what it sounds like. It is a bite sized Mario Kart game for Mobile devices. It was always sure to be a hit. But no one could have predicted this. Mario Kart Tour dethroned Pokemon Go as the number one mobile game downloads in it’s first week. It was originally announced last January and said to release in April, then July, and it finally arrived in September. It has a weird but yet engaging control scheme, and the game looks graphically beautiful. It was destined to be a hit. And just like Thanos says, “Destiny arrives all the same”.

It is huge, especially at this school. Everyone has been playing Mario Kart. Everyone. There isn’t even online multiplayer yet, but it is still huge. Everyone has been talking about it ever since it was released. This game was a really smart move by Nintendo. Many people have grown up with things like Mario Kart but not a lot of people have a Nintendo Switch compared to how many people have mobile devices. This game got everyone talking about Mario Kart and Mario as a whole. Which thus creates more interest about Nintendo. And in turn sell more Nintendo Switches.

As a Nintendo stan, it’s nice to see more people talking about/ enjoying a Mario game. In almost every class I go to, there is at least one person racing away. Is the game good? No it’s gold pass is really scummy and the lack of characters (like Luigi) is very disappointing. But is it fun? Yes. Have you been playing MKT? If so what characters do you have?  If you have Toad, I despise you.