Fall season Starbucks drinks review

Mariann Parga, Janneke Waenink, photographers, reporters

Billboard inside the Super Target’s Starbucks announcing their new fall drinks.
The “It”drink is a viral sensation on social media, encouraging people are the country to try it out. The frappuccino had vanilla beans and a splash of strawberry puree.
The salted caramel mocha is our favorite out of the five seasonal drinks, with a flavor that is warm and peaceful.
The Pumpkin Spice Latte is one the of the popular fall drinks at this time of year for the blissful taste of the cinnamon and the kick of pumpkin it gives.
Logan was the first one of the group to try the “It” drink. “Oh my God. It totally tastes like strawberry milk I love it,” he said.
This is Logan E. trying the caramel apple spice drink. “I tasted like apple sauce that wanted to hurt me,” he said.
Our Dutch exchange student and reporter/photographer, Janneke tries the new salted caramel mocha. “This one was my favorite out of all the seasonal drinks,” she said.


The fall drink line-up ranked from the best to least favorite, chosen by Logan, Carol, Janneke and Mariann.
This is the caramel apple spice drink, which was the most disliked drink out of the five seasonal drinks. It was a weird mix, with ice and whipped cream. It tasted like apple pie and apple sauce in a blender.

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