Paranormal activities in the Driskill Hotel


Melanny Valencia, reporter, photographer

There’s a weird thrill to hearing seriously spooky tales, like unsettling ghost stories about children. While there are a ton of creepy, scary and frightening story the ones that originate from Austin are some of the best one. There is certainly no shortage of haunted bars, restaurants, and hotels for paranormal enthusiasts to visit in the area. In fact, one of the most haunted places in Austin is the Driskill Hotel, and booking a room on the 4th floor will all but ensure a ghostly encounter.
Austin has some terrifying tales, like the one about the shapeshifting witches who like to spend their nights feeding on the flesh of humans. Collected here are the scariest ghost stories that confirm it’s best to proceed with caution when exploring haunted Austin, especially at night. However the Driskill Hotel will still be most scariest of them yet.
The Driskill Hotel is located right in the smack middle of downtown on 6th Street, The Driskill Hotel is one of the most historically iconic landmarks in all of Austin. Conceived and built by Col. Jesse Driskill, the somewhat recently renovated in 1996 . The hotel features 189 guest rooms and suites, a killing bar and a flaming grill .
The first legend, chronologically, is of a girl who died in 1887 after chasing her ball and accidentally falling down the grand staircase. If you listen carefully in the halls and you can still hear the sound of giggling and a ball bouncing down the stairs. The second and most well know haunted location in the whole hotel would have to be room 525. It is known as the room of the suicide brides and has a tragic story associated with it.

Two young women were on their honeymoon in the hotel, some 20 years apart and both killed themselves in the bathroom of Room 525.  Following the second tragedy, staff decided to shut off the room to prevent any further sadness but in 1998, the room was reopened. Since then, people staying in the room have reported a series of weird incidents. These include leaks in the bathroom that defy explanation as well as actual apparitions. These include a woman in a wedding dress, not a huge surprise due to its history.
If you don’t believe me go ahead and head down and try a night’s stay for yourself. The Driskill Hotel will likely truly frighten you.