New season of American Horror Story

New season of American Horror Story

Kat Tijerina, writer, photographer

American Horror Story finished it’s eighth season in November of 2018. The producers were already coming up with a new season, and ideas for that season. The last season was based off of a story that started in season one when we were introduced to Tate Langdon(Evan Peters), the Harmon family, Constance Langdon(Jessica Lange), and the ghosts that haunt a house that is called “The Murder House”.

Season nine of American Horror Story will be released on September 18, 2019. This season is going to take place in a camp the year 1984. The trailer and cast teaser trailer were released August 26, 2019 on YouTube. This season is based off of the 1980 “Friday the 13th”, the 1983 “Sleepaway camp”, and other slasher films that were made in the 1980’s. There will be some American Horror story veterans that show this season, but there will be one that won’t show this season. The veteran that will not show on the show this season is Evan Peters. There is a veteran of the show that will probably show up in the season, but not as a major role. The veteran is Sarah Paulson. The cast has two of American Horror Story veterans; Emma Roberts and Billie Lourd.

When the trailer was released their were a few fans that started conspiracy theories about Emma Roberts character. They are saying that Emma Robert’s character might be the “Final Girl” of this season. The “Final Girl” in movies is usually the girl that stays away, or doesn’t get involved with everything that her friends do. The “Final Girl” usually dresses like she doesn’t want people to notice her. She, the “Final Girl”, could have the strength or smarts to trick or outsmart the killer.

The “Final girl” is usually the one that survives the killer’s attacks.