IT 2 (IT Ends) Review

Gabi Jensen

The movie “IT Ends” is a sequel to the thriller “IT” that made its second debut in 2017 with a more modern take on the original  story. The films stem from the sensational book by the reknowned horror author, Stephen King. The first movie trails off with the seven main characters making a blood-pact to return back to their hometown Derry is the dreaded, evil clown Pennywise were to ever return. And unluckily for them, he does. Exactly 27 years after the kids finally claimed their freedom from their dreaded hometown, Pennywises’ strikes make a comeback; beginning with a couple on a bridge and continues to pursue countless unknowing children.

“IT” ends brings the traumatized kids back as adults, and the memories they had tried so hard to forget come along with them. After much critic regarding the lack of fear instilled by the first film, the second movie more than delivers with just the right amount of plot, action, suspense and horror combined into almost a perfect concoction. Now, as adults, the kids are forced to develop a plan to save the town from this sickening terror for good. and along the way they rekindle bonds once forged in fright and replace that with a beloved care not formed out of need but out of pure care sparked from an intense experience.

This movie is inspiring in the sense of how much perseverance the main characters must have in order to achieve their goal. IT definitely made me lurch out of my seat on multiple occasions, and i’m not gonna lie, I definitely squealed a couple times. however the plot makes you love the characters and almost feel as thought you’re apart of their tale, its not just jump scares, it truly is the definition of a thriller.