Exchange students react to their first American football game

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Exchange students react to their first American football game

Janneke Waenink, writer

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There are six exchange students at Hays High School this year. Here are some of their reactions to their first football game.

“I think it was really cool and so much fun. The school spirit was the best because I am just not used to it. The cheerleaders and the high steppers were really cool and very good. I think the band was amazing with all the walking and playing at the same time. I met so many new people and I had lots of fun that night.”
– Rosa, 15 years old, Germany

“I really liked the football game because in Spain we don’t have anything similar at all, so I was surprised when I saw all the students cheering, shouting and having fun. It was even better than in the movies.”
– Maria, 16 years old, Spain

“Going to an American football game was on my bucket list. I’m so happy I got to see one, it was so much fun. It truly is just like in the movies. All the cheerleaders were so cool and of course the band did great as well! School spirit is something I didn’t know before I got to the US; we don’t have that in the Netherlands. I had so much fun that night.”
– Janneke, 17 years old, the Netherlands