Steven Universe The Movie: Review


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I know I said I wasn’t going to make a habit of this but I feel like I have to do it for this one.

Steven Universe is a legendary, once in a life time kind of show. The show is known for its beautiful songs, being hated by christian moms, it’s incredibly dark story, and a fanbase that can only be compared to the Five Nights at Freddy’s fanbase. The show focuses on a boy named Steven Universe. His mother (Rose Quartz) was a legendary warrior in an alien race known as “gems”. She led a revoultion against the Diamond authority (the leaders of the Homeworld gems), mainly Pink Diamond. Steven has inherited her powers and she died to give life to Steven. He lives with his dad, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, the surviving Crystal Gems (the rebels). They fight monsters, protect the world, etc. Until the home world gems led an attack on Earth and Steven, for killing Pink Diamond. The show focuses on loving not fighting, second chances, grief, redemption, and finding the good in everyone.

Obviously if you have seen the show, you know how flawed that synopsis is. But I am trying to keep this spoiler free.

The movie picks up two years after the events of Change your mind (the season five finale, and possibly the series finale). Which I think was a perfect time to pick the plot back up again. This movie was just so spectacular and epic. I don’t know how to start this proper and spoiler free review. Also just like with the Zim movie, I won’t run down the plot because A) this is spoiler free and B) if your’e here you already saw it or just don’t care.

I think the first thing that I must talk about is the new villain. Spinel. She is easily one of the greatest villains, in not just this show, but in cartoon history. Up there with Bill Cipher, White Diamond, Toffee, Golb, and even Zim. She is an emotionally damages villain that wants revenge, but Steven being Steven helped her in the end. She is an incredibly unique villain even just her design is awesome. The way she moves and attacks is like an old rubber hose cartoon. It is very wacky but after meeting pre-crazy Spinel, it shows why she moves the way she does and why she is so crazy. Spinel was amazing, but I don’t like the fact she was redeemed so quickly, she almost destroyed the planet and no one cares. But she gets a pass because she was incredibly written. I would have loved if she didn’t have any redemption, to show Steven that not everyone can be redeemed/ sometimes people are just crazy. But what they ended up doing with Spinel was so spectacular, I’m so glad they didn’t.

Okay , lets say you have no idea what I’m going on about but your’e still reading this for some ungodly reason. Go to Youtube and look up Steven Universe the movie music. Thank me later. The music in this movie was absolutely perfect. “Other friends” might be one of the best songs in the entire show/ tv history. “Who we are” is one of the most epic and uplifting songs in a show all about positivity and friendship, seriously. “Here we are in the future” and its reprise are just perfect Steven Universe songs that reflect the show as a whole. There are so many others songs I didn’t mention like “Change” (one of the most epic final battle songs ever), “True kind of love”, Let us adore you” and its reprise, “No matter what”, “Drifting away’ and so much more. They are truly amazing songs, some of the best the show has to offer.

The movie doesn’t leave a lot of questions to what happens next. In fact there is even a time lapse of the city recovering from the events of the movie so we know things get better. But what effects did all that poison do to the earth? Since it was an injector, what gem was going to grow from that? Did it affect the cluster? How did Spinel obtain that giant injector that resembled her own gem so fast, when we know she has been stuck in Pink Diamond’s garden for six thousand years? It leaves a lot open without feeling like it needs a continuation.

If Change your mind was a perfect ending to the show, the movie was the best way to end off the series, on a high note (quite literally). The story explored some themes not seen in the show yet like abandonment. The movie was funny, depressing, and very shocking. Spinel isn’t the final boss this was all leading up to by any means. That was White Diamond back in Change your mind. But Spinel was that final piece the series needed. I honestly hope there isn’t a season six. This was a perfect ending for the series, and to do another season would do Diamond Days (the final arc, aka the White Diamond arc) and the movie an injustice. This movie was a perfect send off for the series. At the very end, the curtains closed which could just be the end of the movie, but it felt more like the end of the series. If this is the end then the series, then it will live on in infamy with Gravity Falls, Adventure time, etc. If this isn’t the end then I look forward to what they give us next. The rumor is that there will be one more season but no one knows for sure. But this is definitely an end of an era for not just the series but TV in general.