Back-to-school fashion

Andrea Delgado, writer, photographer, Legacy editor

When You think back to school you probably think about new supplies, locker decorations, and finding out what new classes you have. But when I think back to school, I think about all of the new outfits I’m gonna get to wear. What you wear doesn’t define you but it’s a big part of you. It can either make you feel confident or insecure. So here are a few new clothing trends that will be making it into the school this year. 

A big issue in most school is shoulders. Living in Texas it gets pretty hot and we all know that it’s easier to just throw on a tank top and call it good. Although school districts don’t think so. A quick fix for this is throwing a t-shirt on under. Not only does it keep you from being sent to the AP’s office, you also have a more detailed outfit. 

Next, is the issue of shoulder tip length shorts. When you look at the dress code you notice that the shorts they show in the picture are Bermuda shorts. Typically 2019 trends are all about “throwbacks” but that one’s a little too far. The low-waisted, tight-fitting, pair of shorts pictured on the handbook aren’t coming back in style anytime soon. An alternative to this is shorts that have a little more length but still go farther up than above the knee. If you have been in Brandy Melville or Urban Outfitters recently you have probably noticed the shorts that are waist fitted but a little bit wider on the legs. Keeping you in dress code but also keeping you fashionable. 

One last trend this year is long skirts. Rocking a long skirt with a cute top has come back and it’s definitely a trend that fits the dress code. You can find these skirts at a thrift store, Brandy Melville, Nordstrom,  and other places. 

Clothing is a way of expression, so here we implemented a couple of outfits to showcase the current fashion trends.