Seniors show their school spirit

Overall tradition reflects Rebel pride

Desiree Perez, writer, photographer

Here comes football season… and with it spirit.

Football season is a season for all the students, teachers, and players to show their spirit. Football season comes with many traditions and this is one of our traditions– overalls.

Every year girls and sometimes boys will show their spirit and make overalls for everyone to see. Today we asked a couple of girls about their overalls and the process in getting them done.

Bianca Ramirez said, “It took me about three days to make my overalls. I knew what I wanted on my overalls because I put what I thought was me and what represents me and my school spirit. I wanted to make my overalls because i love tradition. And I got inspired by Google.”

Mariah Acosta (left) said, “It took me about a week but I am sill not finished yet. I still need to add things to my pant legs because I feel like they are so bare. I had an idea of what I wanted on them because of girls last year and Pinterest really helped. I made overalls this year because I wanted my senior year to be fun, and I wanted to do all the traditions and be involved with the school. I got most of my inspiration from girls last year and Pinterest but I also got a lot of ideas from my dad who really helped me a lot on them. He had so many great ideas.”

Tina Medel, right, said “It took me two nights to make my overalls. It was stressful. I wanted to show things that represented me and I knew I wanted to show the Rebel’s colors. I made overalls because its a tradition at Hays, and I love showing school spirit. I got inspiration from Pinterest and past overalls made by class of 2019.”


Alexis Cooks said, “It took me about four days to make the overalls. I knew I wanted “2020”, “Senior,” and a “softball” to be on my overalls. I wanted to have overalls for my last year as a senior and show my school spirit as well. I looked online and saw a bunch of examples and picked a couple too look off of.”

Emily Alvarado, Cinthya Cruz, Vanessa Anaya and Jennifer Campos (above) showing their overalls off at the pep-rally before the game against San Marcos High School.

Ambree Kuykendall said, “It took me two hours to make my overalls. I knew I wanted something that represents me and what I love. I made them because its a tradition that all senior girls do and I didn’t have any inspiration.”

Katie Gallegos and Leana Rodriguez are both ready to kick off football season.

Mia Fantauzzi said, “It took me about three days to make the overalls. I had no idea what I wanted on them I wanted to be different and kind of hippie because that’s me. I made them because it’s senior year, baby! I got a little inspiration from Pinterest but the rest was just what I thought would look good or cute.”

Katelyn Ashby is ready to go to every home game and show her spirit in many ways– including this mini overall dress.

Kristianna Moreno and Lauren Lopez are ready to wear and show off their overalls every game.

Laura Hickman and Mackenzie Gibson loved showing everyone that walked by what kind of masterpiece they made for their senior year.

Faith Duran, Grace Hammond and Madi Butler showing up with a few other senior girls at a breakfast gathering before school to show all the girls how their overalls turned out.