What I’m really into right now

Paris Foster, columnist, photographer

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In this week’s edition of  What I’m Really Into Right Now we’ll delve into the topics of Bobo’s Oat Bars, country music, Mexican pulp art and tobacco. 

Beginning with Bobo’s Oat Bars- the company sprang upon the vast world of oat products in 2003. Beryl Stafford and her daughter, Bobo, started baking oat bars, and they soon were Boulder, Co favorites. So there is the brief origin story, and with that, 16 years later came the origin of my journey into the world of progressive millennial snacks. On one fateful morning, I was browsing through my very colorful pantry for school lunch items. I have a very limited palette, so selecting food items from the pantry is always a task; my sleep soaked eyes grazed the pantry and were caught by the bright coloring of the Bobo oat bar package. I had always seem them in the nooks and crannies of the food closet but I’d never actually tried one, so I went out on a limb and granted a bar entrance into my plastic luncheon sack. Later in the day I tried the bar and it ended up being somewhat decent, but the taste isn’t what drew me in.

It was merely the packaging and aesthetic of the bars and the multiple flavors corresponding with different colors. So moral of the story: if you make something look real nice, you’ll inevitably gain some success in what you’re trynna do ’cause there’s always dummies who’ll fall for the pretty looks. 

Secondly, country music. I’m big on music, actually huge on music, and after years and years of exploring the sound planes, I have discovered country music is easily the most soulful and emotional genre out there. However, I’m talking real dirt brown road, outlaw cowboy country, not the piss water pop country you hear today that tries to appeal to the masses, that is audio poison. Country greats like Buck Owens, George Jones, Willie Nelson etc. are the true heroes out there. In conclusion, don’t sell out. 

Thirdly– Mexican Pulp Art. I was going through my Instagram explore page feed which is an interesting mix of music related posts, guitars, painfully unfunny “memes”, hot girls, and pop culture related posts, and amongst them was a string of images labeled “Mexican Pulp Art.”

These images immediately caught my eye- they were filled with B-movie horror tropes, with the curvy women and Draculite monsters, where a sense of fear and sexual desire are intertwined, and colorful surreal themes are strewn about as if you were looking into a three dimensional painting of Salvador Dali’s depiction of time. However, these paintings are a little shallow, actually extremely shallow now that I think of it, no real substance, which brings me back to the point of which if you make something look real nice, you’ll get some sort of success somewhere. In conclusion, Bobo oat Bars and Mexican pulp art is directly correlated. 

Lastly, tobacco and tobacco products. Statistics show that these are the most popular item in the repertoire of a teenager in this day and age. Not gonna lie, personally, seeing an Old West outlaw with a pre-roll riding into town in his cowboy hat and chaps, I can’t help but think that’s pretty badass. Anyway, I can understand why it’s the craze, and it’s so common, just as common as how cigarettes were, way

back when. Despite the “coolness” you may get when smoking up, in the end you’re just hurting yourself- not too cool.

The moral of the story- no matter how hard we try to break bad habits and find alternatives, they’ll always find their way back into pop culture. Not really, that’s not true. But as the recent Congressional hearings revealed,

I feel Juuls and vapes were made as an alternative, but now people are doing it so much that it’s just as detrimental to you as cigarettes were back then, swag yolo. Also, I think Juuls are a lot lamer than cigarettes, but Juuls are easier to hit in public; so we sacrificed the coolness part for ease of access, which is alright I guess.

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of What I’m Really Into Right Now.

Farewell, Babaganoush, c’est la vie, shalipo, peace, farewell again.