A rivalry renewed

Rebels play the Rattlers

Jibril Mukarram, Writer, Photographer

Tonight the Rebels host the San Marcos Rattlers in the first game of a highly anticipated season. Friday not only means Friday night lights is back, but it is also Senior Night for the class of 2020 Rebs, who will be escorted by their beloved parents and family members before the game.

Usually senior night is on the last home game of the season, but this year lots of things have changed due to the opening of the new high school down the road. This year’s varsity team is mostly made up of many talented seniors, but are also represented by a handful of juniors and one super sophomore.

“I feel like this will be a great year for us, but we must take it one game at a time and not get too ahead of ourselves,” said 2nd year starting senior cornerback, Piellei Henderson.

Even though Friday’s game is a non-conference matchup, everyone knows San Marcos is basically a crosstown local rival in the Hays County area.

“The Rattlers are expected to bring everything they’ve got and we are too,” said 2nd year varsity junior Will Agnew.

Last year, the Rebels went to their neck of the woods and caught a pretty easy dub some players say.

“This is 2019 not 2018. This time we’re at our house and we expect the same outcome,” said senior linebacker, Alex Scott.

Everyone believes the Rebels will represent their home field, their fans, and themselves very well tomorrow night under the lights.