From Running Miles to Meraki Art

Hays junior takes up painting after injury

Isabella Sada Nieto, reporter, photographer

Athletes may argue that when confronted with injuries or chronic pains, their career and journey is over. There is no way of their dreams being fulfilled, but junior Nicole Pettigrew thinks differently.

Pettigrew was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in the 6th grade and from that moment on her life was changed.

Pettigrew visited doctors and continued to pursue her passion of running track until the end of her sophomore year.

“I think that if I were able to run and do sports, that would definitely be my main thing that I’d go to college for. But I’m glad painting came around because I obviously I can’t run anymore. I didn’t have a choice on whether I got to run or not; I just can’t anymore,” Pettigrew said.

When exposed to her father’s art, she decided to give it a try and realized she had a hidden talent in calligraphy, and with some practice, a new passion arose. Pet

Junior Nicole Pettigrew channels her creative talents into typography

tigrew started to paint at the beginning of her sophomore year and has been doing it since. The themes and ideas Pettigrew likes to express through her art are motivation, inspiration and encouragement. She achieves this by basing the majority of her paintings on Bible verses. Her hope is that the people who get to look at her art can be reminded of peace, and faith.

“I have a few of my own little drawings in my room, and it helps. I mean, they’re just like daily reminders of whatever Bible verse it says. Art is just a place for me to do my own thing,” Pettigrew said.

With Pettigrew’s new passion, she envisions herself studying abroad in France or Germany, as she continues to learn about art, and influence others with it.

“I’d go anywhere in Europe, but probably in Germany because I have family in Germany and France, so that’d be fun just to be around them. I’d prefer out of country more than out of state,” Pettigrew said.