Book finds for back-to-school

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Book finds for back-to-school

Salinas Dinh, Nation editor

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It’s back to school time– which brings us to a new school year filled with new reads to kick off the start of your semester. . .

(Rad Book Finds & Recommendations from a not so cool bookworm.)


In this unforgettable novel, they both die at the end. Wowie zowie, the title itself is a spoiler alert. Death-Cast is a system which alerts people 24 hours before their death. When Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio is delivered with the bad news they both seek out a new friend for their last day. Luckily an app called “Last Friend” is able to provide them just that. (It’s like Tinder, but more wholesome, platonic and depressing.) The two peeps meet up for one final adventure, in hopes of living a whole lifetime in one single day.


The Field Guide to The American Teenager is a laugh out loud YA contemporary realistic novel about a witty, and maybe even a “too smart for his own good” black, French-Canadian teen who moves to sunny Austin, Texas and experiences the joys, typical clichés, and awkward humiliations of the American high school experience. Even with homesickness, he adjusts to life as a teen in a whole new country, and unexpectedly falls in love.

This book is perfect for any fans who loves Nicole Yoon’s and John Green’s work.



You’ve probably heard of the critically acclaimed movie, Crazy Rich Asians. If you loved the film, then you’ll surely love the book. Rachel Chu is an economics professor who is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend Nick Young. Little does she know that her lover is loaded. Crazy loaded. Rachel must face a series of troubles, finding her worth, all while balancing her love life in her trip to Singapore. This story is filled with lots of fun, laughter, and the disapproval of a traditional mother.


Now a major motion picture, The Sun Is Also A Star remains one of my favorite love stories of all time. Natasha is a well rounded girl who has got her facts straight. She’s a realist who is well acquainted with the universe and definitely not the type of girl who would fall in love with a cute boy in the bustling city of New

York within a single day. Daniel has always lived by his parents rules and good gracious. Being a dreamer and a poet was not something that was set in his father’s and mother’s expectations. Perhaps the two were brought together by fate, destiny, or maybe even pure coincidence. One thing is for sure though, love is a force that connects even the most unexpected couples.

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas – John Boyne

Bruno is a nine year old boy who is very much content with his life, having a large spacious house and three of his “best friends for life.”. When he comes home to find his maid Maria packing up his room in boxes, he receives the news that he must leave his beloved home in Berlin due to the demands of his father’s job. Arriving at the “out-with” Bruno meets a boy in striped pajamas from the other side of the fence, their friendship blooms despite not being on the same side.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a 2006 historical fiction story set in World War II, reminding us all about the tragedies that took place in the holocaust, and human compassion.

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