Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus Review

Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus Review

Carlos Sanchez, entertainment editor

Another critically acclaimed Nicktoons show gets a Netflix special, and this time it’s Zim’s turn to reign. In August of 2006, the show Invader Zim was canceled by Nickelodeon because that animation cost too much and the ratings weren’t high enough to sustain it. The show was canceled without a real ending, just an abrupt cancellation.

The show was incredibly dark but it’s a favorite among fans. Everyone has been wanting a continuation or a season three. It seems like every year there is a new rumor for an Invader Zim comeback. And eventually it happened. Announced on April 4th, 2017, with a short teaser, hype broke out like measles among anti vax kids. Another short teaser was released, with no info at all besides for “Yes this is still happening”. The show from then on had a short series of comics which have the same style of art and comedy as the original.

The show is about an alien Invader named Zim. He begs for a mission so the tallest (his leaders) gets rid of him by sending him off to Earth with a crazy robot named GIR. From there he creates his base and blends in with all the other humans by going to school. The only person who is on to him is a kid named Dib Membrane, a conspiracy theorist and “ghost hunter”. Dib is on a quest to expose Zim and stop him while Zim is coming up with schemes to blend in, take over, and end the world.

Then finally, at the San Diego Comic Con, the final trailer was dropped. With actual information on the plot. Invader Zim Enter the Florpus was fully revealed to the world. And it was released on August sixteenth, 2019. And to no one’s surprise, it rocked.

I won’t run down the plot because if you’re reading this, you must have A) saw it or B) don’t care. The animation looks just like the original, but higher quality. It’s beautiful and keeps it’s disgusting/ silly style.  The comedy also has not changed, which is usually bad but in this case it has the same writing style of the original show, which still works perfectly. I found myself laughing really hard many times through out the movie.

This movie is everything it had to be in more. The witty humor, the strange characters, the plot in general, it was just amazing. If you never seen the original, it does a good job rehashing what has happened so far without dragging on. There are a few things I didn’t like, for example in several scenes Zim was just so helpless. But besides for those small complaints, it was still amazing. If you have never seen the original, you should still watch this phenomenal movie. If you don’t feel any kind of emotion wash over you while watching this movie then call the police, because you are dead.