Where do we go now that they’re gone?

Carlos Sanchez, Writer


Johnson High School 

It’s been almost three months since the last day of the 2018-2019 school year. Hays has not been the same yet. As you know, Johnson snapped it’s fingers and poof. More than half of the former freshman class vanished in a flash, word on the street says about 700 students were snapped away. Where did they end up? No one knows. What we do know is that they are safe and alive, somewhere through the other side.

Friendships broken, squads got un-squadded, relationships torn apart, etc. The world hasn’t been the same. “Bro, you know I am lonely now because of this,” said a hays sophomore, Lita Silguero. “I lost like thirteen of my long time friends. I am keeping up with them through instagram and texting.

“It has affected me by moving my friends over to Johnson, which means I don’t have anyone to spend lunch with, or do homework with, or even talk to during school hours. I’ve lost like six friends and I keep up with them with messaging/ video chatting apps.” said another Hays sophomore, McKenna Macmanus.

The current freshmen have arrived but it doesn’t replace the people we lost. The Hays sophomore class is extremely small compared to past sophomore classes. We can’t bring them back. All we can do is move forward. To remember what we lost is important. But we must move on. Hays will never be the same again but that’s okay. Nothing ever is. Just like that terrible movie “Meet The Robinson’s” we will keep moving forward. It’s okay to mourn what is lost, but if this has affected you personally, use it. Use the memory of them to push onward, out of the abyss we call Hays High School. Hopefully we will move past this soon enough.