New year- new kicks

Desiree Perez, reporter, photographer

For many, the start of a new school year means getting those back-to-school kicks. There’s nothing like new shoes to start the academic year off on the right foot.

Reporter Desiree Perez talked to students about putting a new foot forward:


These shoes belong to senior Ambree Kuykendall. Ambree got her new Nikes and she absolutely loves them.

“The souls of my shoes pop out like not a lot of other peoples and I really loved them so I got them,” she said.

Alexis Cooks, 12, also had some really fresh kicks for coming back to school. She bought these at Finish Line.

“I wanted Air Forces and they didn’t have them, so I got these but these are cool too,” she said.

Elyza Powell, 12, came in with some shoes that are different for her. She got these at the Vans store.

“They caught my attention because of the rainbow, and I know no one would have these,” she said.

Cydney Tipton, 12, always has the coolest and most colorful shoes at Hays.

Cydney got her shoes at Finish Line because “they’re crazy- but like cool- so I HAD to get them so they could go with all my other shoes.”