Senior prank 2019

Bailey O'Donnell

Reagan Gilbert, writer, social media coordinator

Last Friday, May 31st senior girls fulfilled the annual class prank duty by filling the main hallway with hundreds of colorful balloons.

It took a lot of time and effort to close out the year with a “bang” — no pun intended– as many of the balloons met an abrupt end underfoot. Preparations started the night before with senior girls heading the prank.

An added joke was the “For Sale” sign at the front of the school, featuring security officer Mr. Dees. There were also photos of Principal David Pierce with his cat.

When school doors opened that morning, students were greeted with a wave of balloons filling the halls. Students where popping balloons left and right, and taking videos. Teachers where using leaf blowers to make the balloons fly.

Students carried ballons with them all day.

In the history of senior pranks, many felt this was the best one yet.

The class of 2019 stands in a sea of balloons– their senior prank could not go unnoticed.
Senior girls led the charge, which included a ‘for sale’ sign on the front door.