The Lion King reboot


courtesy Walt Disney pictures

Ezra Matthews, writer


The Highly anticipated “The Lion King” is coming out later this summer on July 19, 2019. I’m super excited that they decided to remake this childhood tearjerker. The Lion King has been and positively always will be the G.O.A.T. of all animated Disney movies, but will the realistic remastered version be better? Worse? No matter what anyone says it’s gonna be good, it’s The Lion King. In this one the voice actors are people that are very known like, Donald Glover is playing Simba, Eric Andre is playing Azizi, Beyonce is playing Nala, James Earl Jones s returning and playing Mufasa and (my personal favorite) Seth Rogan is playing Pumbaa

This upcoming movie with all the anticipation of it coming out also comes with doubts. There is controversy around it saying that the CGI to make it look realistic will also ruin the “spirit and appeal” that we all experienced with the original. With Disney movies comes comforting animation that shows the character’s expression and emotion, many fans argue the CGI strips us of that and instead gives us realism in place of character accuracy. Fanatics say they just want to bring it back to follow the trend of making past films more real. Ethan Smith, 11, said, “I think the CGI is fine because they did a good job with it in other movies such as ‘The Jungle Book’, and I’m hyped for this movie because it was my favorite childhood movie and to rewatch a realistic version of it would be a dream.”

If you don’t know yet “The Lion King” is about young Simba’s journey to becoming the King of his Father’s African Kingdom. Once he is born as Mufasa the King’s son there was celebration, but not everyone was happy about him being the heir to the throne and the upcoming King after Mufasa. On Simba’s journey he meets friends and learns what bravery and responsibility really means.

This movie is reportedly not going to be a shot-for-shot remake. The story and plot are the same but because it’s a different movie with a different style Jon Favreau wants to tell a story in a different way but still deliver on people’s expectations while surprising them somehow. He wants the fans to have the same feeling and emotion, but wants to deliver that in a special way. Personally I’m excited for this movie because if I want to see an animated version I’ll go watch the 1994 version, but because this is new it will be interesting to watch how they explain the story in the film with the new CGI style.