Advice for freshman

Scout Wilson, writer

Freshman year can be intimidating, especially when you’re going into a school with more than three thousand students. What if people don’t

art by Lolly Ortiz

like me? How am I going to get to class on time? How do I make new friends?

These are all things that go through students heads when entering a new school, or at least they went through Brianna Gault’s, 10, when walking in on the first day.

She said, “I quickly learned that high school was way harder than middle school and all my friends changed and got new groups but it opened my eyes to new opportunities and helped me realize who I really am, so don’t hold onto old friends just because you’ve known them for a while, if they’re toxic, drop em.”

High school is four important years that help determine your future so according to Connor Mccarter, 10, “school comes first, before hanging out with friends, playing sports and everything else.”

Homework is not fun and nobody wants to do it, but don’t blow it off because it’s only going to make it harder on you. If there’s a distraction in your life put it away, get your work done, then have fun, he said.

You’re given a lot of freedom in high school but Izzy Gamino, 10, said, “Don’t mess around too much and stay focused.”

She said the teachers are going to treat you like young adults, and they’re going to expect you to be able to handle it.

“Teachers have anywhere between 100 and 300 students that they see everyday, most of them aren’t going to hold all of them back just to wait on you to understand. It’s your job to stay focused and turn your work in on time,” Gamino said.

In the end, high school can be really fun, but it’s important to stay focused and get your work done.