Taylor’s back

Taylor Swift’s new release hits #1 on YouTube


Faith Knott, writer

Pop singer Taylor Swift released a new single called “ME” at around 12 midnight. The song features another artist named Brendon Urie, singer for Panic! at the Disco. The song was only released 12 hours ago and has already reached #1 on YouTube. The last album Swift released was back in 2017 called “Reputation” which had a darker theme and a very different sound than what most of her audience is used to, especially with her songs “Look what you made me do” and “…Ready For It?”

The song “ME” still holds the pop sound Swift is well known for, but also has the classic drum and trumpet sounds P!ATD is also well known for. In the song, she shares a message of confidence and talks about self-love. Many times in the song she states things like “when it comes to a lover, I promise that you’ll never find another like me” and “You can’t spell awesome without me” Brendon Urie, who plays the male love interest, sings about how he knows he tends to be selfish but doesn’t want to lose her. The song itself is cute and shows confidence but also tells of a love story, where even though they do tend to bicker and have selfish moments, they wouldn’t ask for anyone else to be with.

Taylor first started hinting at her new release on April 14. That was the day when she started to release photos on her instagram with the caption “4.26” on all her posts, with the exception of photoshoots and carpet pictures. Many people have already speculated what all her cryptic clues means. For example, a person on Twitter made a tweet stating,


“Taylor’s countdown on her IG is giving me chills. April 26th? Is this it? TS7? Is this the “next chapter”? You know what else has “next chapter” written on ’em? The Story of Us. You know how long this song is? 4:26. And do you know what number it is on the album? 7.”

Many other fan theories were being made, like “It all makes sense now. The Taylor on the wing of the LWYMMD MV is TS7 Taylor. She planned this next era from the beginning. That’s why she’s in the background, waiting, she addressed her reputation, took control of her narrative and is ready for the Next Chapter in her life.” stated @TS7Track3 on twitter. Taylors fans have shown excitement over her new upcoming album and can’t wait for its release and what new sound she’ll make this time.


if you want to check out the new single, click here —> https://youtu.be/FuXNumBwDOM