Senior Olympics sees the Wolf Gang taking gold

Katelyn Morgan, writer, photographer

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Krajenta suffered an ankle injury during Ultimate Frisbee.

The 3-legged race

Senioritis has kicked in for most seniors, so what better way to spend a school day then competing in the Hays High School 2019 Senior Olympics. Twelve teams competed against each other all day on Thursday, April 11. There were all kinds of events to compete in like 200 meter relay, cup stacking, ultimate frisbee, water bottle flipping, vine recreation, water relay, and jelly bean guessing. But at the end of day only one team can walk away with a gold medal. This years winning team was The Wolf Gang. The team consisted of eight senior girls: Kennedy Fehrenbacher, Maddie Fehrenbacher, Sarah Krajenta, Olivia Lozano, Avery Stewart,Jennifer Silva,  Alexandra Gore and Athena Giello.

The Wolf Gang did not go into the competition expecting to win. They simply wanted to compete because they thought it would be fun to hangout with friends and act like kids again.

“My favorite part of the day was hanging out with my friends and just having fun while kicking butt.”,said senior Kennedy Fehrenbacher.

The Wolf Gang were all glad they decided to participate in Senior Olympics. They made timeless memories.

“I had so much fun with my friends and I felt like we all became a little closer. I loved working with my team and making new memories!”, said senior Avery Stewart.

The team was more focused on just making fun senior memories that winning the competition hadn’t crossed their minds.

“It was weird… we had  never expected to win.Normally the same people win every competition so we didn’t think we were going to get 1st. It was really surprising but also super exciting. Our goal for the day was to have fun and make memories, winning was just a bonus.”, said senior Maddie Fehrenbacher.

“Winning was absolutely mind blowing and exhilarating!”, said senior Athena Giello. The Wolf Gang tried their best and went all out at every station. They even had the highest points earned at two of the stations.

As the school year is coming to an end, all the senior festivities have begun. Senior olympics was one of many great ways for the class of 2019 to make fun, sweet memories before they graduate.

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