Rebel varsity baseball In a tight playoff race

Aidan Martinez, sports editor

The Rebel varsity baseball team has been on a roller coaster throughout district play. The Rebels would start off the season with a 17- 1 record before dropping their first district game to Austin High. Since then, the Rebels have played sub par baseball not up to their own expectations with a 4-4 record. The Rebels have put themselves in a hole but have still forced themself into a playoff race. As of right now the Rebels hold the third playoff spot in district 25-6a but will have a pivotal three game stretch against two ranked teams Westlake High School and Lake Travis High School along with a never quitting Del Valle High School.

The Varsity Rebel team will need to win two of their next three games in order to make the playoffs. With a great offense and good defense the Rebels should be set but then again it is baseball and anything can happen. As of right now the Rebels have their eyes on the prize and look to make the playoffs for the first time since their 2017 campaign. The Rebels would lose control of the rains last season and would miss the playoffs by one game. “Baseball is a game of failure and how you deal with failure is what makes you a better player. We learned our lesson from last season and we look forward to avenging ourselves.” Arnold Galindo said.

Some of the Rebels believe that lessons from the game are most important. “The biggest lesson I learned from baseball is that no matter how many times you strikeout or mess up in the field, the next play is the most important.” Nolan Hogan said.