Earth Day everyday

Andrea Delgado, photographer, section editor

When you think about earth day you probably think about the one day that you recycle or do good for your planet. But Earth day isn’t about just appreciating your planet for one day. Everyday we should be sure to recycle and pick up trash that’s on the ground. Doing these things will make sure that our future generations actually have a planet to live on. These are a few ideas I thought of on how we can save our planet one step at a time.

The first thing we can do to be more green is recycling. Most households and even schools don’t do this. I didn’t realize this until I asked my teacher, Ms. Laura Fleming who’s classroom in C-106 does not have a recycling bin.

“They took my recycling bin last fall and I never got it back,” she said.

And with recent blows to recycling such as China’s refusal to take US recyclables, the playing field has drastically changed.

The next thing you can do to help your planet is plant a tree. So many trees are cut down each year and not only does this cost us oxygen but the habitats of so many helpless animals each year. If we stand up against this and take a stand less animals will have to go extinct.

The last big thing you can do is take a walk. Now a days everyone has a car. Cars give off so much pollution and a simple solution is to take a walk or ride a bike. All over cities there are bikes that you can pick up every few blocks, even scooters. When you live in any area where you store is less than a mile a way why not take a quick bike ride. This is better for you health and the environment.

In the end doing this simple things will make a big impact. Earth Day is something that should be celebrated all the time not just one day. Keeping our Earth clean is a big deal and if we don’t it will create a terrible place for us to live.