Hays tries new one hour lunch


Hays tries one hour lunch

Jibril Mukarram, Writer, Photographer

Some of the lunch ladies of Hays pause to smile while serving lunch.

On March 15th, the last day of school before Spring Break, Hays CISD held a school-wide one hour lunch, following that model for the use during testing days. The school wants to change the A, B, and C lunches to the new one hour school wide lunch for next year and so on.

Many students already dislike the lunch we have this year simply because many of the old privileges we used to have are no longer allowed. Being able to enjoy lunch outside under the beautiful sun and sky on the patio was one of the things the students loved most.

“I miss being able to sit under the trees on benches and seats, being able to walk around campus and enjoy lunch with friends outside,” said Charlotte O’Dell, 10.

“It’s whack how we are no longer allowed to eat outside during lunch. I believe an hour for lunch is an awesome idea because it gives us time to rejuvenate and calm down from class all day and so on,” says Dayton Houseton, 11. When the hour lunch was tried the first time, students seemed to enjoy it.

“Being allowed to at least eat outside again for awhile was a great feeling for me now, and hopefully in the future next year,” said Michael Matamoros, 10.

Not only did students enjoy being allowed to eat outside, but the regular use of Joe Graham gym transformed into a JROTC obstacle course. This was the 2nd hour lunch tried and the first where students were allowed to participate in cool activities and events.

“Doing the military obstacle course in the gym was very fun and entertaining. Everyone was watching and had their phones out recording everyone who participated,” said Daniel Figueroa, 10.

Having a chance to wind down during  a long day can be very helpful for students and even faculty.

“It gives students the opportunity to get tutorials done during lunch because most of them are in sports or band, or some kind of extracurricular that keeps them too busy to get work done before and after school. I’ve talked to multiple students who have told me that they are very tired all day from tests and work, but the one hour lunch has given them the chance to wind down and get a break from schoolwork,” said AP Mr. Earrick Stigall.

Other schools that have had success with the hour lunch are:

Some of the many central Texas high schools that have had success with the new one hour lunch. The approx. number of students are listed next to their name.

Today the hour lunch is being tried again due to the ELA STAAR testing for freshmen. Some students look at today as a free day and often choose to either skip school, or leave campus and come back.

While at school, the rest of the sophomores, juniors and seniors are given the opportunity to choose what classes they want to be in for the flex periods. With much practice and preparation, the school looks to be in great shape for next year’s policy for lunch and the current one.