The AAF is no more

Ethan Smith, sports write, photographer

After only eight weeks the AAF, or the ‘Alliance of American Football,’ is over.

The eight team league showed some potential with exciting games and players including Johnny Manziel, Trent Richardson and Charles Johnson, who were all standout D1 college players. Though there was some popularity and money it wasn’t enough to support the entire league.

Running an American Football league takes hundreds of millions of dollars and the league could not sustain that. Tom Dundon, business man and founder of the AAF withdrew his $250 million dollar investment, ending the league. Since he was funding the league on a week-to-week basis he will end up losing around $70 million dollars. AAF founders and co-founders will attempt to re-group and find additional investors for another season.

Though the League is ending, and many football players losing their jobs, it also means that all of the players are available too. NFL teams like the Carolina Panthers and Pittsburg Steelers have picked up multiple AAF players days after the shutdown. These players and Coaches who get hired by the NFL will go from finding their own flights and hotels to making millions of dollars.