Witten returns to the Dallas Cowboys

Welcoming back Witten

Alejandro Martinez Jr., writer, news content editor

The Monday night football commentator, Jason Witten the 6’6″ tall tight end, announced that he will be coming out of retirement to join the team that he in the team that he left originally. ESPN had released that Jason Witten will be going back to the Dallas Cowboys for what will soon be his 17 professional season in the NFL. ESPN claimed that Jason Witten would be getting a one-year contract worth $3.5 million dollars that will max out at $5 million dollars. 

Witten’s Accomplishments

Jason Witten has proven to be an excellent football player in his years. After playing in 11 Pro Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys becoming one of the Cowboy’s trade mark players. Ranking fourth with 1,152 receptions in NFL history. Along with 12,448 receiving yards. Jason Witten has played 239 games 236 of them being consecutive, 229 starting and 179 consecutive starts. When Jason Witten announced his retirement in 2017 the league would miss him dearly but when he had retired he had been debating if he should sign the contract to become the Monday Night Football  commentator or to keep his professional football career. He eventually chose to retire and join commentating for ESPN for one year.

Coming back to the team

Upon coming back to the NFL Jason Witten had motives to why he wanted to resign with the Cowboys. While doing an interview Witten has reportedly said “This team has a great group of rising young stars, and I want to help them make a run at a championship. This was completely my decision, and I am very comfortable with it. I’m looking forward to getting back in the dirt.”  Upon his return to the Team he will have the longest service time with the franchise at whopping 16 years. A representative for the ESPN had said in another interview that they had seen many former coaches and players go into broadcasting but have all gone back to the game that they love, they understood why Jason had such a burning desire to return to the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones the owner and general manager to the Dallas Cowboys said that coming back to the Cowboys is a big deal for the team and for him. he had also said that he waned to come back and be out in the field playing and that we should expect him to be out on the field for the upcoming season.

Witten’s influence on younger players

Although Witten is a professional football player he has been an inspiration to the youth system on the future football players and he says he would like to see others to accomplish their goals. Witten not only inspires youth but the members of the professional league as well. Football is a trade mark in high schools, going out to the games and cheering on your team. For years schools have put football as the main sport for school spirit, from homecoming games to raids on the field for winning the championship game. Football is embedded into the high school traditions and many students hope to be in the up-coming season. Jocks, nerds, geeks everyone comes out to have fun and hope to win and play the game that they love so much. Players fall in love with the sport hoping to reach their goal of making varsity for the upcoming season and go to college to play for there school of choice, some players even make it to the big league. For a lot of people football is just a game, to others it’s a passion and career that they hope to achieve. Football has inspired thousands of students to become professional athletes.

Many Hays fans look up to players like Witten.

“I grew up watching the Cowboys for as long as I can remember. I would always think that he was the best player on the field because when he would play he would play till that whistle blew and he would be giving a 100% and run the ball down field. He showed me that I should never quit on anything and to do my best at all time. While growing up I developed that mind set and not to take shortcuts in life,” said Michael Boudin, 10, varsity football player.

“Witten is one of my biggest inspiration with the game of football. I have made it through many of his saying how suiting is never an option. Hearing that Witten would be coming back to the field I got excited because he wanted to give the opportunity to the team that anything is possible with the right mindset. I have been trying to be my own person and at the same time following my inspiration. when he would play I would always say that I would be just like him. To this day I don’t think I can be like him for reasons such as my size, he’s 6’6″ and I’m a whopping 5’8″. There will be differences but that will not stop me from becoming the man that I set myself to be,” said Jason Iwabutchi, 10, varsity football player.

At this time it’s unknown who will replace Witten at ESPN.