Pokemon news galore

Carlos Sanchez, writer

This week has been an amazing week of the world of Pokemon. After all, being the world’s biggest/ highest grossing multimedia franchise of all time, means all the news they put out is important. The week of February 27th is Pokemon week after all. There was even a small Pokemon event. Two bits of huge news were released unto the world. But we will start with the smaller thing first.

February 26th, the world got the second Detective Pikachu trailer. This one was even better than the lost one. Their use of music (the song “I need a hero”) was so good. The trailer reveals that Pikachu has no idea who he is besides for an address on the hat he woke up with and he knows he is a detective. It then shows Pokemon we haven’t seen yet. Snorlax, Machamp, Ludicolo, Growlithe, Golurk and Flareon. Pikachu also says the name of the underworld which was surprising for a movie based off a kids series but the movie is PG-13. Then we see the legendary, the mystical, MewTwo. The most famous legendary Pokemon of all time. The movie will be released May 10th.


For 7 minutes, Pokemon ran what’s known as a Pokemon Direct. Nintendo hosted their own on February 13th but there was no mention of Pokemon because they usually do their own thing. (The only big reveals was Super Mario Maker 2, Box Boy + Box Girl, Captain Toad DLC, Tetris 99, and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening). But it was leaked that a Pokemon Generation Eight would be revealed soon. And it was.

The next generation of Pokemon has been revealed for Nintendo Switch- Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The region was based on the United Kingdom, and it is being called the Galar Region. Pokemon games have traditionally been on handheld devices, so this is the first generation in HD and it does not disappoint. The game is huge and the map seems very open for the discovery of new Pokemon. The graphics are way better than the Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee games. Those are just remakes of the original Pokemon Games on the Switch but that is a remake, not Gen eight. The legendary mascot Pokemon every main line Pokemon game has, are not currently present but are assumed to be wolves based on the logos. We will have to wait for their reveals. But the starter pokemon have been revealed. Grookey: the grass monkey, Scorbunny: The fire bunny, and Sobble: the water chameleon. The game comes out late 2019 and the has train has left the station.